Toca a Guitarra do meu País

(Play my Country’s Guitar)

The sound of the Portuguese Guitar is a unique symbol of Portuguese music, and the latest project by Nelz - the single and video for “Toca Guitarra do Meu Páis” is an homage to that beautiful instrument and all the masters who have played it.


Nelson (Nelz) Medeiros hails from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada – a city with a rich Portuguese community. As the youngest of five children Nelson grew up absorbing the musical tastes of his family – traditional Portuguese sounds his parents loved, the 80s New Wave and Pop his sisters played, and the Classic Rock which played on his radio.
These influences consumed him in 2011 when his best friend, his father Denis passed away. Guitar in hand, Nelz wrote his first song in Portuguese, the very passionate “Dormindo nos Braços de Jesus” which he dedicated to his father.
The reception for this song was so positive that Nelz sat down and wrote twelve more Portuguese songs almost immediately – “Like the great Portuguese discoverers, my Portuguese roots were navigating the direction the music was going”
Nelz has gone on to record one CD and two singles which have received a great deal support, positive feedback and air-play in both local and US media. He has also performed at many events in Ontario including the ACAPO Portugal Week celebrations and The Portuguese-Canadian Walk of Fame Induction Ceremony.
Nelz is currently launching a promotional media campaign in Portugal throughout the summer of 2017 and is booking shows for the remainder of the year. You can book Nelz to play at your event, either as a full seven piece band or as a five-piece acoustic performing without the backup singers.
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